Import your referral list and we do all the maintenance. Start making referrals right away.



Access data from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop from anywhere in the world.



A powerful yet intuitive user interface helps zero in on the right services.



Control who sees and edits your data with identity access management.

How It Works

Referrals Made Easy
A referral management platform where seamless data maintenance meets user-friendly filters.

Quality Referrals Matter
Let us help you connect your patients to the right resources. We’ll keep your referral list up to date, so you can focus on getting your patients on the road to recovery right away.

Match Your Patients With the Right Provider
Filter by specific patient needs such as preferred payment method, location, language, availability, modalities used, conditions treated, and much more.



No Training Necessary

Our interface is easy to use, so you can find the best therapist based on your patient’s individualized needs in no time

Share Your Referrals

Select and save a personalized list with comments to email or print out for a patient

Public or Private

You can choose to keep you referral list private, or you can add your referrals to our public database.

Import Your Referral List

Simple online tools allow thousands of referrals to be imported with a few clicks.

Secure and Private

Online access managed by MiResource or through integrations with SAML, LDAP, Active Directory, and other IAM systems.

Match Patients to Services

Filter by specific patient needs such as preferred payment method, location, language, availability, modalities used, conditions treated, and much more.

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  • What is MiResource?

    MiResource is a referral management platform designed to help you manage your referral list. You send us your list of providers, we upload them into our system and make sure that all the information on each provider is up to date. It’s as easy as that!


  • How do I get signed up?

    Use the contact form below and we will work with you to set up your organization’s platform.


  • Why work with MiResource?

    MiResource is specifically designed to match patients to the right mental health resources. Our mission is to create better access to mental health care, and we are passionate about making sure each patient gets a quality referral based on his or her needs. We want to ensure that this platform makes your referral process easier and more effective, and we will continuously work with our clients to guarantee the best results.


  • Can patients access the platform?

    Yes, with our public option, patients can search your referral list directly through the platform. If you wish to keep your referral list private, the “partner” and “private” plans will give only you and select members of your organization direct access to your referral list.


  • What about liability?

    All MiResource pages are for informational & educational purposes only. All informational materials & guides on this site are offered "as is" & are NOT a substitute for medical advice, diagnostic analysis, or treatment planning by a licensed provider. Please note that the information found on this site is not a comprehensive review of any condition, drug, or body system; do not use it to replace clinical decision making. Our disclaimer can be found at the bottom of all MiResource pages and may be easily referenced at anytime.



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